Benefits of Auto Insurance

Posted on 21 May 2018 (0)

auto-insurance-quotesCar insurance is one of the most important things every car owner should invest in immediately after acquiring the vehicle. It sometimes seems like an unnecessary expense but wait until you get into some trouble. You will be glad you paid those premiums faithfully. When you get into an accident and require a towing company such as to get to a garage where the damage can be accessed, having an auto insurance policy gives you a lot of peace even if you are at fault. Here are some of the benefits.




It is a Legal Requirement

When authorities catch up with you driving without a valid auto insurance policy, it can earn you fines or even jail term. It is a legal requirement all over the world for motorists to have some form of auto insurance. In case you cause an accident, this can cost you the driver’s license, the car can be impounded and get hefty fines and jail term if convicted. To avoid this, it is essential to follow the necessary auto insurance requirements in your state.


Covers the cost of damage

When you get involved in an accident where the car gets damaged, you do not pay for the repairs out of your pocket. The insurance company takes care of that. This is also the case if you cause damage to other vehicles or properties. You will not even have to follow up on the issue but leave the insurance company to handle it.


Compensates Injured People

One of the main things to expect after an accident is the affected people may have to lose a few days from work, suffer mental and physical anguish and require medical attention. If you caused the accident, you would have to cater for this, but with an insurance policy, you do not have to do it from your pocket. Where injuries are severe and life-altering, you may be required to compensate the victim a few million dollars. Imagine doing that from your savings.

You can get a car replacement

In case of theft where the vehicle is not recovered, most probably you would not afford to buy a car similar to the one you had immediately. The auto insurance compensates the value of the vehicle at the time it was stolen. This can help you get another vehicle without straining too much. Also when affected by natural elements such as floods or hailstorms where the car is severely damaged, you can be compensated. In addition, damage after a collision with an animal and fires are some of the accidents that can also be insured.

When going for auto insurance, check what the policy covers and doesn’t. Note that some of the advantages listed here may be omitted in some insurance policies, therefore, it is essential that you weigh in your needs first. Talking to an insurance expert will help you make the right decision and also get more informed on the different auto insurance policies available and what it is expected from you.




Reasons to Buy Automatic Cars over Manual Ones

Posted on 03 May 2018 (0)

ManualIf you are thinking about a new car, and most probably your first one, the question whether to go for a manual or an automatic one is something every car owner has to decide on at some point. As the world becomes tech-savvy, there has been a shift from manual cars to automatic ones with more people globally embracing and loving the trend. If you are still confused, here are reasons why you should think of going for automatic cars.




Easier for You

As you will notice, you do not have to change gears or use the clutch continually. For new drivers, learning how to shift the gears and use the clutch can take a bit of time. This means that it is easier to learn how to drive an automatic car than a manual one.

Also when caught up in heavy traffic, it can be overwhelming trying to shift gears to the required pace.  Accelerating, slowing down, and stopping the car will require changing the gears and using the clutch. This will slow you down when you need to move suddenly. These actions may slow down not only you but other drivers, which to some extent is irritating.

Easier to drive on Hilly Terrains

If you have to start the car on a hilly point, it may be harder to get the right gear to start you off on the hill especially when you are a new driver. An automatic car is efficient at this. It will start and retain the power required to climb the hill without so much of your effort even when on rocky terrain.


Less Likely to Stall

manual carIt is very embarrassing having your car stall on a busy road, or just when the traffic lights go green, the car doesn’t start. Automatic vehicles are less likely to stall, in fact, the only time this can happen is if there is a mechanical problem. You are assured of a smooth ride no matter how many times you have to slow down or stop the car.

There is a popular notion that automatic cars consume more. This may have been true a few years back but it is not the same today especially if you get a newer car. The fuel consumption of an automatic car is almost the same or even lower than that of a manual one. Also, it is not expensive to maintain the vehicle.

Five Auto Repairs you shouldn’t Skip

Posted on 14 April 2018 (0)

How often do you take your vehicle for maintenance? To ensure your car continues remains in top running condition, you must provide it with the auto maintenance and repairs it requires. Perhaps you’re used to taking your car to your mechanic only when something is wrong. Well, this affects the life of your vehicle and results in expensive auto repairs you could have avoided in the first place. Skipping your schedule auto maintenance will lead to higher repair costs and breakdowns. According to auto repair facilities, proper maintenance of a vehicle can save about one hundred dollars for every visit. Here are auto service items every car owner should never skip.

Oil Changes

Skipping your next oil change can result in poor gas mileage, engine wear, and more pollution. Oil can be considered to be your engine’s blood as it plays a critical role in ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. It’s interesting to note that this is one of the things car owners often overlook and ignore despite being the most important service you can give a vehicle. How often should you change your oil? Well, this depends on your driving habits. It’s recommended to check the oil level of your vehicle at least every a thousand miles.

Tire Maintenance

We both know that your vehicle traction, stopping, and steering depends on the condition of your tires. Always ensure your vehicle’s tire pressure is set as per the specifications in the owner’s manual. Improper inflation of your tires will cause them to wear incorrectly. In fact, both under-inflating and over-inflating your tires will cause them to wear out faster. Additionally, this presents a safety hazard on the road while driving.

Another aspect of tire maintenance not to forget is balancing. Let your mechanic rotate and balance your car tires every six thousand to eight thousand miles. The alignment and suspension should be checked at least once in twelve months.

Fluid Flush Service

Every vehicle depends on a number of fluids to operate and run its systems. From the brake fluid to the transmission fluid and coolant, you need to have your fluids checked and topped off to ensure your systems operate correctly and efficiently. This will depend on an individual’s driving habits. Be sure to check the owners’ manual for the correct specifications.

Brake Check

Ignoring your brakes is not only putting your safety at risk but also risking damage to your investment. Make sure your brakes are inspected whenever you have a scheduled maintenance. This ensures both safety and reliability. It’s recommended to have a brake inspection more often especially if you notice signs of vibrations, grinding, and shaking whenever you brake.

Scheduled Maintenance

The first thing you ought to check in the owner’s manual after buying that vehicle is the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. That will not only safeguard you from losing your warranty coverage but also lead to a lower cost of ownership in the long run. Find a reputable auto shop with certified professionals who can inspect your vehicle as per the schedules in the owner’s manual. This will help you identify car problems before they become larger costly repairs. It’s a good idea to establish a relationship with a mechanic or auto shop. If possible, avoid moving from one mechanic or auto shop to another.