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Best Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Interactive

Posted on 12 November 2020 by admin (0)

Static marketing content is getting fast outdated and people now have a preference for interactive media. Readers are now craving for dynamic nature of interactive digital content. Stats show 93 percent of users prefer interactive media because of its effectiveness in getting information across to readers. When it comes to the use of interactive media in educating prospects, Vienna Equipment Transport is not left out. Interactive content drives 2 times  more conversions as compared to tp static content.

If you are running a blog and would want it to be more interactive, here are some ways to go about it.

Add SlideShare

SlideShare presentation is something nearly every professional has seen or interacted with. It involves putting information in a condensed, easily digest able format and becomes a very popular strategy for marketing and sales proponents. SlideShare can be embedded into any blog post and can easily break down a topic for readers in a more appealing visual manner, that is more interactive than static paragraphs of text. You can try it with an existing post that needs more visits and one that provides valuable content.

Make a GIF

GIFs are little graphics that excel at entertaining and inserting some fun into your digital content. It shows you have a sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously. That said, you should ensure you use GIF sparingly and only for appropriate purposes. Many websites have tools to help you create your animated GIFs. GIFs are one interactive content that performs excellently on social media platforms because of their flashy elements and viral nature. When using GIFs, ensure they are in a format and reference that your audience will understand.


Podcasts are not only for serial fans and listeners of public radio. The audio format presents a gold mine for busy professionals. It gives multi-taskers a chance to consume your content on their terms. Some people might not have enough time in the day to read all content that is circulating with certain industries, and thus prefer to listen to podcasts. If you can give professionals a chance to gain all the benefits of static content during the day without burying their faces on a screen, then you will see a rise in interest and more conversions.

YouTube Videos

Similar to podcasts, you can embed a YouTube video into your blog post to make it more interesting. When you add a video, you give your readers an option to watch a video instead of reading a post. This means you won’t lose any readers who are interested in video content. Additionally, it will make your posts easier to scroll through and will give readers a chance to interact and engage with your post.

Another great way to add more interaction to your blogs is through the use of infographics. Infographics are very good at adding some elements of multimedia to your post. These elements make it easier to read and users are more likely to interact with your post. You can also decide to create an infographic to communicate most of the information shared on your blog post. On top of infographics, ensure you also use high-quality images to add some form of interaction to your blog.